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    Refurbished Remington® i-LIGHT Pro Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal System Introducing the i-LIGHT Pro Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) system from Remington, the nations’ #1 personal grooming company. i-LIGHT Pro is a revolutionary light-based device that has been clinically-proven and FDA cleared for the removal of unwanted body hair at home. i-LIGHT Pro's exclusive ProPulse™ technology allows you to enjoy the same long lasting results as professional laser or IPL treatments…all without the high cost and inconvenience of in-office visits. Each unit comes equipped with 1 cartridge that provides 1,500 flashes for 2-3 full body treatments. The first-generation i-Light was introduced in 2009 in Europe and quickly became the #1 at-home IPL device in its first year! The next-generation i-Light Pro is faster, more powerful, FDA cleared and finally available in the US! Developed by Shaser BioScience, a global leader in FDA cleared, aesthetic energy devices for at-home use. Refurbished Product Features: Brand New Treatment Head Nose Cone Brand New Bulb Cartridge Base unit and handle thoroughly cleaned with sanitizing cleaner Dermatologist recommended At-home professional hair removal for a fraction of the cost of in-office visits FDA cleared and clinically proven Proprietary ProPulse™ technology delivers results that last 6 months Faster treatment times with the quickest flash rate and no downtime for recharging 2 year limited warranty Video Gallery How Intense Pulsed Light Works: Light-based hair removal technology has been used safely by medical professionals for over 15 years and numerous studies have demonstrated that long-lasting or permanent hair growth reduction is possible with proper use. Unlike most at-home hair removal methods, IPL doesn’t cut, burn or pull out hair, but instead works below the skin’s surface to disable active hairs and prevent new ones from growing. The light energy is generated by a Xenon flash lamp and applied to the skin by a handheld device. The light targets the melanin or pigment in hair follicles, gently heating them and disrupting the growth cycle without damaging the overlying skin. To protect the skin, unwanted rays are safely filtered out, so that only light within the desired therapeutic range is allowed to pass through. You’ll start to see results within a few weeks of your initial treatment and results should improve over time! i-LIGHT’s ProPulse™ Technology Only Remington i-LIGHT Pro features ProPulse™, with output parameters comparable to the best clinical machines, to transform your hair removal experience. i-LIGHT Pro’s exclusive design: Effectively targets hair follicles to disable growth by putting out energy at optimal power levels. Delivers energy deep into the skin, targeting the hair bulb with the optimal light spectrum. Enables surrounding tissue to cool while heating the target area with a long 110ms stretched light pulse. Helps protect skin while filtering out unwanted wavelengths with a state-of-the-art dielectric filter which spreads energy more evenly across treatment window. Plus, it features the fastest flash rate with no downtime for re-charging, so it’s ready whenever you are! Why even consider paying thousands of dollars for in-office laser or IPL hair removal treatments when you can OWN the Remington i-LIGHT Pro for less than you’d likely pay for just one office visit? Set yourself free with the Remington i-LIGHT Pro! Directions i-LIGHT Pro is simple and easy to use: Imagine, just three easy steps for hair removal that lasts 6 months! 1. Prepare – shave the desired area to allow the most direct path to the hair follicle. 2. Test – test skin in the intended treatment area to ensure it is not too dark to treat. 3. Flash – treat the desired area with the i-
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