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  • Item #: KUSWTW
    Ultimate Stylist: S6600B Why have four different styling tools for four different hairdos when you can have one tool that creates all four? Remington’s Style Solutions Ultimate Stylist will change your hair styling days forever with its four in one capabilities. The Ultimate Stylist can create numerous looks, from full volume to curls and waves. It has never been easier to follow your favorite trends while maintaining your individual, everyday style. The exclusive curl slides on this advanced straightener allow users to adjust the size of the curl to create anything from tight curls to loose, beach waves. The easy action style switch extends curl slides for different styles. Create more of the latest hair trends quickly and easily with this hair straightener that curls! Wrap to Waves Styler: CI52F The Remington Wrap-to-Waves Styler creates deep, natural, lasting waves. With its 350˚ F high heat and ceramic plating for less damage and faster styling, this tool is the answer to your time-restrained styling. Whether you have 60 minutes or 10 minutes, Remington is here to help you get ready.
  • Item #: SPW480A
    For a clean shave and maximum performance every day, the maintenance of your shaver is pivotal. We recommend replacing your foils and cutters every 6 months. Replacing your foils and cutters will ensure you get the closest, most comfortable shave. Foil and Cutters for Remington® WDF4815, WDF4820 & WDF4830 Shavers. Ref: AD1000
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