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  • Item #: PF7300A
    The Remington® F3 Comfort Series is all about convenience. The new ergonomic design and quiet drive train deliver a close and comfortable shave with cordless performance. And the stainless steel blades work within the flexible foils to give you a close shave on your face and along the neck and jawline. Comfort and convenience—the Remington® F3.
  • Item #: SPF-PF73
    Keep your smooth shave going with ConstantContour™. This replacement head for the Remington PF7300 Foil Shaver features stainless steel blades and flexing foils to shave close for comfortable results.
  • Item #: RP00009
    Keep your shaver charged and ready to go so you can have the perfect shave every day. Need to charge while shaving? Not a problem! The Remington charging cord has a reach of 24 inches for your convenience. Replacement charging cord for the Remington® Shaver Models F-3790, FF-400, PF7200, PF7300, PF7400, PR1235, PR1335, & PR1337.
  • Item #: RP00345
    Protect your Remington shaver during travel. This plastic headguard clips onto the PF7200 F2 Foil Shaver and PF7300 F3 Comfort Series Foil Shaver.
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