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  • Item #: RP00392
    These exclusive J-clips are designed to hold rollers in your hair without creating dents and creases. Made for use with the H5600 Ionic Hot Roller Set.
  • Item #: H5600G
    You won’t have to worry about dull, frizzy hair with the Ionic Protective Hot Roller. The ionic conditioning formula reduces frizz while adding shine because the negative ions neutralize the positive ions that cause static and shine, giving your curls healthy looking shine. The Ionic Protective Hot Rollers are safe to use on your hair and make part of your daily routine. The velvet roller is soft on the hair and protects it from damage. And the ceramic technology improves heat distribution and helps the selected temperature remain even throughout the entire plate, so there are no hot spots. Combined these two features will give you long lasting, beautiful curls. Burning your hands while styling your hair is eliminated with Remington’s Ionic Protective Hot Roller because of the cool-touch end grips. Also, the easy-to-use clips are color coded to match the tips of the rollers so the hair is securely fastened while sitting in your hair.
  • Item #: RP00226
    Set of 6 large clips for the Remington H5600 Hair Setter.
  • Item #: RP00297
    6 Large Wire Clips for the Remington H5600.
  • Item #: RP00295
    4 Small Wire Clips for the Remington H5600
  • Item #: RP00303
    Set of large rollers for the Remington H-5600 Hair Setter.
  • Item #: RP00302
    Set of medium wax rollers for the H5600 hair setter
  • Item #: RP00301
    Set of small wax rollers for the H5600 Remington hair setter
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