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  • Item #: SPW480A
    For a clean shave and maximum performance every day, the maintenance of your shaver is pivotal. We recommend replacing your foils and cutters every 6 months. Replacing your foils and cutters will ensure you get the closest, most comfortable shave. Foil and Cutters for RemingtonĀ® WDF4815, WDF4820, WDF4821 & WDF4830 Shavers. Ref: AD1000
  • Item #: RP00472
    Replacement Charging Adapter with Light for the WDF4821
  • Item #: RP00212
    Charging Cord for models WDF4820, WDF4821, WDF4830, WDF4840, and WDF5030.
  • Item #: WDF4821A
    An ultra close, comfortable shave is easy and convenient thanks to the Remington Smooth & Silky® Rechargeable Shaver. The 3 Blade system with flexible hypoallergenic foils offer a close shave and helps prevent irritation in sensitive areas. The specially designed Flexing Trimmer blade lifts, guides and cuts flat laying hairs for smooth and silky results while the comfort tips gently and effectively removes additional unwanted hair. Incorporating the amazing wet/dry technology, you can use this shaver in or out of the shower. Get this grooming gadget and enjoy the ultimate shave with noticeably smoother results!
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