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  • Item #: RP00191
    Replacement hair pocket for the RemingtonĀ® F3790 Shaver.
  • Item #: RP00010
    Keep your shaver clean and protected with this Headguard for Remington shavers. This attachable part is great for preventing the dulling of blades and ensuring a close shave every time. Headguard for the Remington® F3790 Shaver.
  • Item #: 81628
    Maintain your clean, consistent look with these men’s micro screen and cutter replacements. The twin flexible micro screens allow for easy adjustment to the contours of your face and chin, keeping you clean and confident every day. Fits Remington’s Microscreen 2 Foil Shavers including the DA-57, DA-107, DA-307, DA-325, DA-407, DA-757, DF-5, DF-10, DF-20, DF-30, DF-40, DF-55, DF-56, F3790, F3790DS, F3800, F2-3800, F3800DS, XLR-9200, XLR-9500, XLR-9600 and XLR-9800. Ref: AD1000
  • Item #: RP00009
    Keep your shaver charged and ready to go so you can have the perfect shave every day. Need to charge while shaving? Not a problem! The Remington charging cord has a reach of 24 inches for your convenience. Replacement charging cord for the Remington® Shaver Models F-3790, FF-400, PF7200, PF7300, PF7400, PR1235, PR1335, & PR1337.
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